Decrease the risk Get Trained

Live to Ride On!

Get the two biggest advantages that Mobile Motorcycle Training has over other courses :

Low student to instructor ratio  4 on 1- for the low cost you get more one on one training and more time and room to move doing the exercises you're there for! Compare other courses you'll be in a group of 10 to 20 students. We only train 4 at a time per course giving you more time and space for training! 

Small town traffic to deal with on your first road ride and is part of the course training cost.
So get that big advantage that only we offer of doing your training rides on Sunday afternoon in small town Strathmore. Many our our students say it boost your confidence from having less traffic concerns to deal with in a small town environment for their first road ride and class 6 testing! 

You'll probably do this once so make the most of your training investment by taking advantage of our small sized and therefore more personalized training classes!

                 Dare to Compare Challenge 

  • Only 4 students in a training class and training lot. .....WE DO!
  • Small town environment for training and first rode ride. .....WE DO!
  • First rode ride and class 6 preparation is included in course cost. .....WE DO!
  • Use of the training bike for your class 6 is included in the course cost. .....WE DO!
  • Introduction to handling gravel during the road ride is included in the course cost. .....WE DO!

Also what we do differently than any other training school is to offer one on one training outside of the group course if your having problems in specific areas during the group training session. We don't ask you to start all over again like other training schools if there is only certain specific areas you need more practice with. 

Our mission is to help you complete the course requirements successfully so your class 6 goal is obtained. This option is discussed during the classroom sessions and can be also discussed prior to course commitment. 

It is the best value for your investment! And for the reasons above we have very satisfied students achieve their goal of getting their class 6 and in having the confidence and competence to ride. Check out the reviews in student feedback!

​So do yourself a favor and check around to see if these are offered and if so are they included or an extra course and cost.

This is the extra advantage that we believe is unique to us along with all of the other training requirements that a provincially approved school is required to deliver for ONE price. Its also a big reason why students that have taken our course recommend us! 

We are a fully bonded and provincially approved training course. 
The certificate you receive from us will allow an insurance reduction as insurance companies are recognizing that training reduces their risk and costs and therefore are giving a three year driving credit for those that have completed an approved course. That saving alone pays a good portion of your training fee in the first year!