Decrease the risk Get Trained

Live to Ride On!

Our Mission: To deliver a skills training program along with safety and awareness in decreasing the risks of road riding for our customers.

Greetings Riders and Future Riders!:
My name is Dennis Bigras and I'll be your senior instructor teaching you the methods of handling a motorcycle safely with confidence and competence.

I’ve ridden various motorcycles for over 40 years and have successfully trained many hundreds of students in the past 9 years as a licensed instructor.
My mission is to pass along my experience and professional training to those that would like to or do share the same passion and fun in this exciting sport of motorcycle riding!

The key in lowering the risk is to understand the "what, how and when" methods of proper bike control. 
The course gives you that foundation to build from, and with practice you’ll be using the right technique in an automatic fashion.

You"ll find out during this course if this sport is for you, and if it is you’ll be ready to take your class 6 license test with greater confidence.

Look forward to meeting you and we'll have some fun with this as well. YA!