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Student Testimonial:

Good morning Dennis,
I wanted to thank you so very much for everything. In the course I learned so much and when put to practice over the last few weeks it helped me with cornering (always worried me before) and my confidence knowing that I in-fact can ride good! 
I am so happy to say that I passed with flying colours! I could not have come out with 100% with out the course! Thank you again! 
Chantal Walters. 

> Living out your Dream Starts here with Denis. His Real life Approach and Teaching Methods and his Funny sense of humour made this One of the Koolest Things I have ever done. I would recommend this course to any rider, Experienced or not. So many things I never knew that I will bring with me everywhere I go. If Riding is your Passion and something you want to pursue let Denis help Prepare you for the most Greatest thing you will ever Experience 
Tx Denis for all you Do  :) Bill Ezekiel 

> I started looking for motorcycle schools and found several in Calgary.  I happened across a forum post which alerted me to Dennis' Mobile Motorcycle Training School right here in Strathmore
 That Tuesday, there was a classroom training session, in which we spent about 2 hours going over paperwork, watching videos, and talking about what to expect.  Dennis had a positive attitude about riding while stressing the importance of proper gear and "riding your own ride."  I couldn't wait for the weekend.

On Saturday, we went over some principles before suiting up and getting on a bike.  Dennis had some very new Honda CBR 125s, which are great little bikes to learn on and they were in great condition.  The small class size meant we were always attended to, and Dennis made sure to keep pace with our progression.  We went over most of the basics, with a large emphasis on slow speed manoeuvres.

On Sunday, we reviewed what we had learned on Saturday and then built on it with emergency braking and collision avoidance.  When we were done, we went on our first road ride for about an hour, touring around Strathmore and getting used to techniques we would apply on our road test.  (My biggest fear wasn't falling, stalling, or speeding--it was forgetting to turn off my signal, which doesn't turn off automatically on a bike and could cause you to fail if you do it too much.)

Dennis had all sorts of great tips that I would have never thought of, and which made me not just a better rider, but a better driver.  (I imagine many people fail their motorcycle road test due to bad driving habits, such as rolling stops, improper lane changes, etc.)

The nice thing about taking a motorcycle course is that you get to use one of his bikes on your road test (so if you're like me and don't have a bike, everything but the gear is provided).  Also, the examiner comes in on Sunday, so Dennis hangs around after all the Sunday stuff is done to allow past students to take their tests.  

 Thanks to Dennis' training, I passed my road test.  I just went in and converted my license, and am happy to say I now have my class 6 license.
I am very happy with the results I got from Dennis' school, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Geoff Ball

> Hope your summer is going well! 
Not sure if you track success rates for statistical purposes but I just wanted to let you know that I will not require use of one of your bikes for the Class 6 road test.  I have already passed my Class 6 test in Airdrie.
Thanks again for the great training, the examiner was impressed by the amount of shoulder checking I was doing and asked me if I had taken a course and wanted to know where.
Harry Oliver

> Just wanted to say how happy I am to have done my learning course with you guys and wanted to brag about the riding I’ve been doing this summer!  I have over 14,000 kms done so far this summer.  We’ve gone down to Montana, Idaho, BC a few times but I also took the month of August off and we rode our bikes to Quebec City and Ontario.  We went down through the States both ways, went across crazy bridges, rode in the rain, wind, cold, hot and very hot…no snow yet though. 
Johanne Lacasse

> The class was great! I had almost no experience on a motorcycle when I signed up (I rode a dirt bike as a kid ~20 years ago, and ride my pedal bike in the summer), and by the end of the course I felt confident that I could safely ride a motorcycle. - The class size was small (there were 4 of us), so we all got lots of one-on-one time with Dennis. - The bikes were provided and were in great condition - Safety was covered throughout all of the classes, so if you're looking for a class for a loved one, this is the one to take. - Dennis has a great teaching style that makes it easy to learn and remember what was taught - The road ride was a lot of fun and it was great to use our new skills in the 'real world' I had a very enjoyable weekend doing the training, and would quickly recommend this class to anyone else who is looking to learn to ride a motorcycle, or looking for a skill and safety refresher.
Rikki_Lee Gavin

> I had lots of bad habits from previous experience, Instructor took whatever time needed to correct. I will refer the school as I had complete confidence in the instructor to adapt to any level of rider. Bikes are super to learn on easy to handle if mistakes are made. Martin

> I passed, she deducted 20 points for not shoulder checking correctly. Thank You! Had a great time! You made it easy and non-stressful to learn. I'm glad  Alida and I found you. Will be recommending your course! Johanne

> Dennis of Mobile Motorcycle Training is an amazing instructor. He has a very calm, confident, comfortable, humorous and patient method of training. The small class size allows him to give you plenty of one on one advice and instruction. He knows many riding techniques that you would never consider and he will make a good rider out of you or improve your current skills. I learned to ride in a safe and confident manner and would recommend this training to anyone. Thanks Dennis
Deane Malone

> As a person that has never been on a Motorcycle...Class size was incredible! Good pace, instructor very knowledgeable, we where given enough time to get comfortable with each lesson, I would refer this course in a heartbeat! Well worth the money and THANK-YOU! Frank

> I took this course in the summer of 2015. I would most definitely recommend to anyone who is either are brand new rider or someone who hasn't been on two wheels for a while. I hadn't been on a bike in approx. 23 years. Within a few minutes, I was comfortable on the bike and riding around the lot. Through many courses Dennis set up in the lot, he was able to teach us proper techniques and simulate real life situations so we would be comfortable reacting to them when/if they were to occur. Dennis is very thorough in his explanations of technique and safety. Safety is always his #1 priority and he does not waiver from that. It is his true passion and it shows. Once I completed the course, I was very confident doing my road test and was able to log over 5000km's after that as I passed. Thanks for helping me get back on the bike. I can't wait to ride this summer. As Dennis would say " Eyes up, rubber down" .
Chris Sparks

> Enjoyed class time, received all of the coaching I required, great pace, never felt unsafe. Needed to know safe driving skills and that was accomplished, enjoyed the environment and my teacher. Thanks Wanda

> Private training very thorough, seemed a little fast until trying the exercises and then found it to be perfect. Never felt unsafe, great experience to have, and will absolutely recommend your course! Darcy 

> I like the group size of just 4 students and the small town to ride in first time. I definitely gained more confidence in riding on the street. Randy

> The private lesson was very helpful to my requirements asked for. Slow riding techniques improved my confidence. Would be good for any level of rider to get some helpful tips. Rosalie ( riding her 1200 Harley)

> I took the course 2 yrs ago from Dennis and very impressed with the course and the knowledge I now have. I still hear Dennis in my head when I am riding, reminding me to LOOK AT WHERE YOU WANNA GO! I accredit my safe riding habits to him. I am a much better rider because of this course. And to have the chance to use his bikes to take your test right there on a Sunday is an added bonus. This is an all in one package, does not get better than this. HIGHLY recommend Dennis!
Deb Murray

> Highly recommend this course - Dennis is an amazing instructor! His techniques are in such a way a beginner feels relaxed riding, and as you hit the road you still hear his voice ringing in your ear to look where you are going, shoulder check and so on. After his course I went back to my town and 2 weeks later took my road test. The examiner was quite impressed, to the extent that he specifically wanted to know where I took my training! Not only am I confident and competent with this training, but I learned the safest way to ride and what to do and look out for. Riding is living - and living is riding. He teaches you how to do it proper and safe so you can ride for many years to come. Cannot recommend this course enough - thanks Dennis!!!
Michelle Primeau