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Course information
For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles or its been a bit of time since being on a bike, the 
Basic/Beginner Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Course useful and the best value in obtaining their class 6. Course details and requirements noted below.

Refresher course is also offered for those with their own bikes and class 6 along with a few years of riding experience who just want to focus on improving skills and sharpen and refresh their emergency maneuvering techniques. Details below.

Trike course, Do you have a Trike and want lessons to understand better skills handling methods? Details below.

Basic/Beginner Course:

Typically held on a weekend Saturday & Sunday, 6 hours per day of lot training on bikes starting at 9 am to 3 pm, along with a 2 hour classroom session held on a separate evening, typically on a Wednesday.

You get 14 hours of training in total.

All that you need including the use of your training bike for class 6 road test is all included in one price!

Course fee: $500 + 25 gst

Class instruction:
During the 2 hours of classroom instruction, students are introduced to the controls of the motorcycle, bike selection, safety equipment, road, traffic and weather hazards and of course the importance of proper rider attitude. Bring your questions and a great attitude, as the on-bike lot training portion of the course is devoted mainly to riding.

Lot instruction

The Basics:
The first section discusses learning the basics: getting on and off the bike, pushing, parking, starting up and shutting down. This is followed by clutch control moving off and stopping, slow-speed riding, shifting up and down, cornering, situational awareness, hill start, proper steering control and balance.

Skills training: 
Students learn techniques needed to execute maneuvers at low and intermediate speeds. Emphasis is placed on smooth machine handling while practicing the coordination of balance and input of that control on various lot exercises. In the process, students are also practicing for their license test. 

Emergency training: 
Techniques introduced for collision avoidance, hard but controlled braking and swerving. We show you how and then you practice knowing the right methods.

Road Ride Training: 
Students who are deemed to be ready for the road ride by the instructor along with the students agreement will use the school's bikes on a controlled group ride. Road rides will be about one hour in length and possibly in all types of conditions which have been talked about in the class session. We will discuss how to group ride and start off with slower, low-traffic residential routes and build from there. There will be stops to discuss how things are going, any concerns, and talk about the fun you're having!

Introduction to gravel training:

During the road ride we will take you across a gravel parking lot and laneway teaching you the do's and don'ts of gravel riding. There will be a day that you have to go through a construction zone or that the road your on turns into gravel or that you have to cross a gravel parking lot. I believe we are the only school to offer this as part of the standard course.

What to do:
At some point you will need  to write a Class 6 knowledge test at a registry office. Passing this test will give you the test permit required to obtain your Class 6 license. 
NOTE: The knowledge test permit is not a requirement for taking our basic course, however a valid Class 5 license is required in order to do the road ride section of the course.

Refresher Course:

It's a one day course, 3 to 4 hours in total. This course can be customized to your specific needs.
(Road ride with Instructor can be available upon request, an extra fee could apply.)
Course fee: $300 + 15 gst
Some of the basic skills taught :
· · balance and control by weaving between markers 
· · slow speed control
· · starting on a hill 
· · collision avoidance 
· · shifting around curves 
· · emergency braking 

 Trike training:

 Have a Trike and want some training in handling and safety, we are offering an approved program. We do not supply the trikes, you bring the trike and we'll give to the training to handle it along with the road riding safety pointers giving you the confidence you want and need. Successful completion will get you a certification certificate of training.  It is a one day course of 5-6 hours depending on your experience and knowledge, cost $350 +gst 

Some of the basic skills taught :
. . Safety skills reading the road ahead
. . Parking, back up
· · Balance and control by weaving between markers 
· · Slow speed control
· · Starting on a hill 
· · Collision avoidance 
· · Shifting around curves 
· · Emergency braking

Private & Group courses can be made available on request.
Group courses can be arranged on weekdays as well.
You bring in 3 people for same training time I'll give you a $100 discount!

Course Payment & Classroom location:

Course registration and final payment done at classroom session. 
Wednesday evenings 6:30pm start about 2 hours that typically happen only twice a month. This classroom can be taken weeks before your weekend lot training.
Classroom location: 220 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore.
At -  Westmount School,  use east side door
Call or text ahead to confirm date & time

Payment > cash, cheque, bank draft, money order or email transfer.
NSF Cheque : $50 charge

What you need:
Valid class 7 learner's or class 5 license
Minimum age 18 if you don't have previous class 5 driving experience.
Approved helmet, eye protection (sun glasses, glasses, shield on helmet) we  also have helmets for use.
Sturdy jacket and paints (jeans/leather) and footwear that covers ankles (no runners or steel toed work boots) & gloves
Rain gear is strongly recommended

If you never ridden a bicycle or that its been awhile since you have been on one, then please do that first for balance and experience before attempting to ride or train on a motorcycle. A good sense of two wheeled balance is a requirement for the course. Trust me when I say this will go a long way in helping you with the training, and its FREE to do when you want!

Class 6 road test:

No charge for first time use of training motorcycle for class 6 road test if booked for a Sunday test time. 
 Available test times are determined by the registry that the school recommends. 

If Sunday test time doesn't work there are other options.

If retesting is required the student will need to book ahead for an available time for use of training schools motorcycle 
A $50 charge will then apply.

Training Motorcycles:
Honda 125 CBR, 250 Suzuki and Kawaski cruiser, which are easy to use, light to handle and fun to ride!

The small cruiser style bikes are low sitting rides for those that are vertically challenged, and therefore great to handle.

Note: Its not about power when your learning but getting a good understanding of the proper technique methodology and handling skills first, which these bikes will deliver on! Then when ready you'll be able to take what you learned and apply it to any ride you choose for yourself.